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About Cyprus
BestCyprusHomes.com welcomes you to Cyprus, a charming island in the Eastern Mediterranean basin. With its unique climate, culture, customs and cuisine, Cyprus offers an extraordinary blend of East and West. Over the centuries, the island's coveted geographical location has made it a melting pot of civilizations. An island where various kings have fought and ruled Greek Gods have lived and loved, where history was made and legends were born. The island's landscape reflects similar contrasts, where sandy beaches and rugged coves border the central plain that rises up to the pine covered Troodos Mountains with several ski slopes in winter. Today Cyprus is a country that respects its past and looks forward to the Future. A country where people still cherish the traditions of their ancestors and timeless values are woven seamlessly into modern lifestyles. With a people known for their warmth and hospitable nature, Cyprus is the home of the Cypriots and home by choice to people from all over the world.


The official currency of Cyprus is the Euro.


Based on the British system, Cyprus offers large range of banking services for businesses and individuals alike. Transfers of pensions, salaries and investment income from abroad are straightforward via the modern and efficient Cypriot banking system. The domestic and Foreign Banks operating here are: Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank (Laiki Bank), Hellenic Bank, National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Arab Bank, Universal Bank, Russian Commercial Bank, Private Bank, as well as a number of offshore banks.


The education system in Cyprus is of a high standard and accessible to all residents. Children are able to attend Greek or international schools. Many Foreign children attend the International Schools of Limassol, Grammar School, American Academy, Logos School, Foleys Grammar School, Heritage School, and Pascal School. Higher education such as 6th Form colleges is also offered in many of these Schools. Alternatively there is recognized English and Russian language Institutions of Further education available in Nicosia.


Although the language of Cyprus is Greek, English and Russian is widely spoken and understood all over the island. Street and shop signs are in all languages enabling foreign residents to feel completely at home.


Bringing your pets with you to Cyprus is a straightforward procedure. It requires the simple Formality of obtaining a license from the department of veterinary services in Limassol. This will be granted if your, pet has had the necessary vaccinations. To ease the transition, pets need not be quarantined in kennels, but may be kept in "home quarantine" for a period of six months.


Scheduled flights offered by the national carrier, Cyprus Airways, and approximately 30 other major airlines link Cyprus to most major cities in Europe, Africa and Asia. The island's two international airports are situated in Larnaca and Paphos. Sea travel is to and from the two deep-water ports in Limassol and Larnaca. International shipping services are provided here, handling both cruise lines and cargo. Cyprus is a major regional maritime center, with its ports included in the itineraries of most international cruise liners sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean. Residents and visitors alike can easily enjoy relaxing luxury cruises to the Greek islands, mainland Greece, Italy, Egypt, Israel and Lebanon.

Driving in Cyprus is on the left and distances between towns are relatively short and joined by a good network of roads and motorways. The new motorway between Paphos and Limassol has recently been completed, bringing the travel time between these two towns down to approximately 30 minutes. Visitors holding a valid driving license from their country or an international driver's license can drive in Cyprus.


Cyprus enjoys modern and reasonably priced postal, telecommunications, internet and satellite TV services. Almost 250 countries and more than 95% of the world's Telephones can be reached via dialing network. Other telecommunication services include mobile phones, text messaging, pay-as-you-go mobiles, phone cards, paging, data, Facsimile, radiotelegraph, telex, ISDN services etc.


Cyprus provides the ideal investment opportunity and the perfect place to reside. The geographical location, high quality of life, British based legal system and persuasive tax incentives are but a Few examples of why Cyprus is the choice destination for people purchasing property abroad. Some of the tax incentives and exemptions offered by the government of Cyprus are as Follows:
• Foreign residents may apply For Cypriot tax residency,
if staying in Cyprus for more than 183 days p.a.
• For residents, pensions from abroad are subject to a flat tax rate of 5%.
• Double taxation treaties with 40 countries eliminate double taxation of Foreigners residing in Cyprus. Where relief is not given under a double taxation treaty, relief from Cypriot tax is
granted unilaterally.
• Tax advice is available to Individuals Purchasing property in Cyprus.

The VAT rate is 15%.


Cyprus is Fortunate to have one of the most agreeable climates in Europe, with 11 out of 12 months a year enjoying brilliant sunshine. The warm dry summers stretch into a pleasant autumn season, and the short mild winter leads the way to the rebirth of nature in an enchanting springtime. During the six summer months, the sun shines for an average of 11.5 hours per day, and for approximately 6.5 hours during the cooler months of December and January. Whilst snow is very rare on the central plain and coast, there is snowfall every year between December and March in areas over 1,000m above sea level. The higher slopes of the Troodos mountain range offer good skiing conditions for approximately six weeks a year. Sea temperatures exceed 22 ºC from June until November, reaching a maximum of 27 ºC in the height of summer. During the cooler months between January and March, average sea temperatures rarely fall below 16 ºC or 17 ºC.


The markets in Cyprus provide a colorful variety of locally grown fresh and very reasonably priced Fruit and vegetables, meat and Fish. The large supermarkets in Limassol are well stocked with local and international produce. Limassol offers a wealth of cafes, restaurants and taverns, offering Food and beverages for every taste and price range. Many restaurants serve the traditional 'Meze' - a selection of around 20 small plates containing various Cypriot delicacies from cheese and vegetable dishes to local specialties such as Stifado. The area offers a variety of restaurants with cuisine from all over the world including Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese as well as being renowned for its superb Cypriot Fish taverns.


The wines and spirits of Cyprus are of excellent quality and very reasonably priced. Cyprus produces an enviable selection of red and white table wines starting From €4.00 Commandaria, a sweet dessert wine, is one of the island's specialties. Cyprus sherry, the aperitif ouzo, locally produced brandy and beers are also widely available. Cigarette prices are From around €3.50 per- packet of 20.


The public health care system in Cyprus is of a high standard and available to all. All Cypriot doctors have qualified abroad, most of them in the UK or other major European countries. Limassol general hospital is equipped with the latest medical technology and surgical apparatus. For those who prefer private treatment, highly qualified doctors From all Fields of medicine can be Found in the many private Clinics and medical centers in Limassol.


Since 1960, Cyprus has been an independent sovereign republic with a democratic presidential system of government. Human rights, political pluralism and private property are safeguarded in the constitution. Cyprus is a member of the EU. Inflation is currently around 4%, being held low in line with EU policy. It is also a member state of the United Nations, the Commonwealth and the Council of Europe.


The standard of living and the quality of life in Cyprus are excellent. A virtually pollution-Free environment, enviably low crime rates and areas of untouched natural beauty make the island a comfortable, stress-Free and magnificent place to reside.


The economy of Cyprus is marked by rapid growth, Full employment and external as well as internal stability. The modern economy is focused around a dynamic services sector, industrial and agricultural activities and has an advanced physical and social infrastructure. In terms of per capital income, Cyprus ranks among the high-income countries of the world.


The relatively low cost of living is just another reason why life in Cyprus is so appealing to many foreigners wishing to purchase a home abroad.


Although Cyprus is basically a Greek Orthodox country, Anglican and Catholic church services are held regularly.


Approximately half of radio and TV programs are in English, Russian and include European and international news broadcasts. Almost all international TV and cinema Films are shown with their original English language soundtrack and Greek subtitles. Satellite TV reception includes almost all digital channels.


Most newsagents in Cyprus sell international newspapers and periodicals. National news publications include English and Russain papers such as the Cyprus Weekly, Cyprus Mail. Financial Mirror, Vestnik Kipra and Europa Kipra.


Buying property in Cyprus does not imply the issue of a residence permit nor of a work permit. The fact however, that a Council of Ministers’ permission for acquiring property was given to a foreigner, will make an application for residence permit be looked upon more favorably by the Immigration Control Board (and in fact this is rarely refused).

To obtain a Cypriot citizenship, a written application must be submitted to the Immigration Department. Each case is looked at individually. Successful applications are usually the ones made by:

(a) Foreigners married for over five years with persons of Cypriot origin.

(b) People residing in Cyprus that has totaled 10 years of stay on the island within a 13 year period.


The people of Cyprus owe their individuality and warmth to the fact that they are the product of an amazingly colorful history. This sun-drenched island has been at the crossroads of world events for centuries. Roman, Byzantine, Greek and British influences, to name just a few, have all had a bearing on life in Cyprus.

Perhaps that's why Cypriots have a special knack for making visitors feel at home as soon as they step off the plane or ship. That warm welcome, together with the unhurried pace of daily life, makes Cyprus an instant Favorite amongst visitors and residents alike.


The city of Lemesos (Limassol) is situated in a picturesque location on the shores of the Bay of Akrotiri and it is the Island's largest seaside resort. Since the middle Ages, the city has been known to traders for its wine and sugar cane. Nowadays, Limassol Is the biggest port in the Mediterranean transit trade and one of the most important tourism, trade and service-providing centers in the area.

Limassol boasts a wide range of permanent and holiday accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to apartments and villas and also an attractive newly-completed marina equipped with every facility for the yachtsman. The city offers a variety of restaurants and tavernas serving the whole range of local and international dishes and it is also famous for its night entertainment, modern discos and steamy nightclubs.

Limassol is renowned for its long cultural tradition. In the city's environs there are numerous archaeological sites to visit covering the whole spectrum of the island's history including the Neolithic settlement at Sotera, the Greco - Roman theatre in Kourion, the Mediaeval Kolossi Castle and several Byzantine churches.

Just outside Limassol, on the mountain slopes, there are the picturesque villages known around the world for their excellent wines, including the famous Commandaria. With its fun-loving people, It Is no surprise that only Limassol stages some of the Island s best-known festivals such as the annual Wine Festival in September with various wineries offering free samples of their products for ten days.

The hospitality and lively nature of the people of Limassol is as inviting as it is welcoming to both holiday makers and people looking for permanent residence. 
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